Building System



Generator/UPS: The building includes two redundant utility power sources backed up by a generator and UPS farm. 25% of the consumed power is locally generated.

Solar System: Water in the complex is heated through a solar energy farm.

Surveillance System: The entire complex areas are secured with a thorough surveillance system.

Wireless Internet: All complex common areas are fully covered with wi-fi.

Common HVAC

  • Fresh air handling units (AHU) supplying cooled air to the corridors and all public areas.
  • Smoke exhaust fans in case of fire.
  • Supply and exhaust fans in the basement ensuring air circulation are equipped with CO and CO2 monitoring sensors as well as VSD to optimize power usage during operation.

Tenants areas HVAC: Fresh Air supply duct, chilled water supply and return pipe.

Fire Fighting: Fully sprinkled fire fighting system for the entire complex.            

Sound System: All common areas are covered with professional sound system.